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Our story

Daves Towing in Calgary was founded in the early 90s,

operating first as a light-duty towing and recovery provider to the general public. Over the years we have established ourselves as one of the trailblazers In Calgary providing light duty towing and transport services for commercial equipment and machinery. We allow your company to enjoy greater peace of mind with our fleet and its versatility.

Why you want DavesTowing for your towing needs!

Daves Towing has been in business in Calgary since the early 90s. Our experience and compassion is what has put us at the top of the towing industry in Calgary Alberta.

Experience, equipment and a commitment to high-quality service. To begin with, Daves Towing is the most diversified, being able to handle any task given. This means that when you call us first you spend much less time waiting for assistance, which can be imperative in an emergency situation.

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You don’t want to be waiting hours for your tow truck to show up when time is of the essence and with Daves Towing, you don’t have to. Since our fleet is kept carefully- maintained, it’s always ready to roll. We can handle anything – not just light vehicles but anything from luxury vehicles to trucks, boats, construction vehicles, forklifts 


We are experienced professionals, trained and insured to handle large, expensive vehicles and equipment. We hold the most comprehensive insurance policies provided by one of the leading industry insurance providers out there. Our employees are covered by liability insurance and worker’s compensation, so there’s no risk on your behalf, as opposed to hiring an underinsured provider and having to deal with the fallout in case of an accident.

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